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The great Jewish scholar Hillel (70 BCE-CE 10) was asked to summarize the essence of Judaism. He put it like this:

"What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor:  this is the whole of Jewish Law; the rest is mere commentary" provides accurate information on:
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What is the Real Truth About the Arab Israeli Conflict ?
Myths and Facts:A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Map Showing Israel Compared to Arab Countries
Pictures are worth 1,000 words or more
History in a Nutshell Part 1by ConceptWizard,com 
History in a Nutshell Part 2 by  
The Haj book by Leon Uris at

The Trouble with Islam: A Muslim's Call for Reform in her Faith book by Irshad Manji at
Ayn Rand in Moral Defense of Israel

Israel's "Peace loving" Neighbors

Anti-Semitism and Hate Against Jews  (by
Why the Jews?
Zionism Anti-Semitism

Wahhabism The religion taught in Saudi Arabia
Holocaust & Jewish Information - A Quest to Understand
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ADL Listing of Extremism Groups in America White Supremacists Neo Nazis and Holocaust  Revisionists
How Can Revisionists Deny This?
Hate on the Internet
Levels of Hatred

ADL Tips for Responding to Hate Crimes
ADL Poisoning the Web" Hatred Online 

The Cancer of Anti-Semitism in Europe
The wealthiest people, the biggest banks. NOT Jewish!
Jewish Philanthropy
Mostly to NON-Jewish causes
Few large donations go to Jewish causes
Among America’s mega-donors, many Jews, but few gifts to Jews
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